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Joinery Masterpiece

Curios about mine graduation piece and the joinery within the chair? On the page Joinery Masterpiece you can find out more and mine think proces.

Silouet Led

With the Silouet Led you are your own designer in your house or office. with the possibility to change the lampshade with just a twist and within a minut you can keep the control of the looks and can change it daily if you want to. Would you like more info for the possibilities me and we will make a beautiful lamp for your desire.

About The Designer

The Designer of the Masterpiece and the Silouet Led is Tim Lutjeboer. Tim wanted to bring creativity, modularity and comfort in the personal space, and also want to chase the possibility in joinery to make the furniture last a life time and also make a statement. Fill in the contact form to get in touch of Tim.

Our Vision

We want to give the client the power to change there interieur with just a twist or with a statment piece that doenst lose its intrest over time. Also we whant to bring everybody for a fair price a furniture piece that is life lasting and grabs the attantion in the room. also the sustainability of the product to change it over time and to switch to an other lampshade will reduce the amount of waste.

Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your  new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you.